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Improve Cursive Handwriting

No matter if you wish to improve your cursive handwriting as a parent or if you have a kindergartener whose handwriting you would like to improve. Hundreds of students have turned to English Guru for assistance in improving their poor handwriting, which has ultimately increased their confidence at school, sped up their writing, and improved their grades.

Handwriting Guru, run by Jamal Muhsin and his professional staff, teaches pupils the fundamentals of handwriting using a combination of tactile and visual techniques.

Beginning with the fundamentals like good posture, grip, and paper position, the instruction progresses to more complex techniques like letter creation, spacing, and slant. With the calligrapher’s direction and the modifications made to the pupils’ assignments, the results are produced quickly.

Our lessons are made to aid students in producing neat, legible cursive handwriting that is simple to read and has a professional appearance. Students receive individualized comments and direction to help them with their handwriting. Everyone can improve their handwriting, according to Handwriting Guru, and we are here to assist you.

Beautiful Cursive Handwriting Expert In Pakistan

Mr. Muhammed Jamal Mushin belongs to a distinguished artistic family of Multan, Pakistan that has centuries old tradition in Calligraphy. His father Hafiz Muhammed Iqbal, commonly known in the art circles as Ibn-e-Kaleem, has made a name for himself in this field by being the Creator of a new Khat, Khat-e-Ra’ana.

Keeping up the family tradition, Mr. Jamal is an active art player.  He has established Art Point School of Calligraphy and Fine Arts which is serving the community for last three decades. Mr. Jamal Muhsin has produced many pieces of Islamic calligraphic art that are unique in their nature. He has entered into different arenas and came out successfully from them. He has tried his hand and vision in different new techniques especially in writing Allah’s names (Asma ul Husna), Quranic verses etc. in geometrically well-defined shapes. His mastery over this unique Khat, Khat e Kufi, a technique that diversify him in this world of calligraphic art. He has participated in many exhibitions in Karachi, Pakistan, that have been well received by critics and art lovers. Moreover, his art pieces have also been exhibited around the globe, internationally

Jamal Muhsin is a respected expert in calligraphy, offering both Urdu and English courses that have transformed thousands of students’ handwriting from illegible to beautiful cursive and Urdu styles. He and his team provide personalized handwriting tuition and Calligraphy courses in Karachi, as well as online courses for those who cannot attend in person. He has also conducted free workshops for top schools and universities in Karachi, providing valuable handwriting improvement techniques to their students.


Improve Your handwriting just in 2 months.

Testimonials and Discussions

Improve Your handwriting just in 2 months.

How It Works

We begin by familiarizing students with the basic strokes and shapes of each letter. Students slowly and deliberately trace on practice sheets or the assignments provided by the calligrapher to master the skill. Students are guided about right posters while writing and how to grip the pen, pencil or a pointer.

The students are motivated while the teachers check their homework and make corrections so that the students can learn there and then and improve the shapes.

This is a big major reason why kids cannot write beautifully even if their schools have handwriting books at primary level because the teachers themselves lack the knowledge to impart to the kids. Handwriting Gru also conducts one to one meetings with parents and students for the feedback for the quick results.

History of Handwriting

Cursive handwriting is a style of writing in which the letters are joined together with loops and flourishes. It is believed to have originated in ancient Rome, where it was used to write more quickly and efficiently. The Romans developed a form of cursive script called “rustic capitals,” which was used for writing on papyrus and other materials. Over time, cursive handwriting developed and changed in various ways. During the Middle Ages, the Catholic Church played a significant role in the development of cursive handwriting. Monks would use a style of cursive known as “uncials” to copy religious texts by hand.

In Pakistan and other countries of the world schools start with printed writing so that the kids recognize the fonts and can read and write. Once students are fluent with basic letters, schools use handwriting books for students to adopt the cursive handwriting style. Cursive handwriting is one of the most beloved writings and is used on wedding, birthday, and anniversary cards. Students get appreciation for doing their neat and clean homework in cursive writing. However, the art of writing in cursive is also fading in Pakistan because of the dual educational system, the poor syllabus and teachers who are not equipped with the Art of cursive handwriting. Handwriting Guru is proud to make the Art alive despite of these challenges.


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Improve Your handwriting just in 2 months.

Brief Summary of Syllabus


One of the most commonly used and famous handwriting patterns in the world i.e. Cursive and Slanting is being taught in this syllabus by the Handwriting Guru. In the first step practice is done to write and then join small alphabets. Afterwards the same exercise is done for Capital letters. Gradually the training is imparted for words, sentences and paragraphs.

Initial steps of the course are

Practical Work Prerequisite

Top 10 Best Handwriting Tips

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